Genealogy & Cultural History Multimedia

May 23, 2022

Genealogy and cultural history are resourceful and exciting activities that empower Seniors. When Seniors are empowered to benefit their quality-of-life then  both, the quality-of-life and quality-of-care is enhanced for Caregivers, and Senior’s communities.

Genealogy & Cultural History Benefits (click here)………….

Genealogy Fundamentals by Genealogist Megan Lanier helps Seniors, Senior’s communities and Caregivers explore genealogy in order to make genealogy and life story narrations an important part of the quality-of-life of Seniors and those who care for and assist Seniors. For visual and audio reference, a Genealogy Fundamentals booklet is supported by a series of instructional videos featuring Genealogist Megan Lanier. 

A series of Genealogy Fundamentals instructional videos support the Genealogy Fundamentals booklet. GF Trailer.

Link Here to Genealogy Fundamentals Videos…………

Note: Genealogy Fundamentals videos and Reminisce/Genealogy Cards are secured and support individuals and groups using Genealogy Fundamentals booklets.

10 Reminisce/Genealogy Cards featuring collectibles and 1 StoryCares card. Note: The collectibles featured are American treasures that helped define our cultural history. 

Reminisce/Genealogy Cards for writing genealogy and cultural history notes. It’s recommended to never discard your notes as notes are often your permanent writing and are as valuable if you should edit to become permanent.  

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