About Virtual Book Clubs

August 10, 2022

Virtual Book Clubs was established to help enrich professionals and non-professionals alike with a quality-of-life (QOL) derived from opportunities to be a part of Book/Audio Book presentations and discussions. The QOL derived from Virtual Book Clubs aims to inspire participants to feel a comfort that can help them to feel better about themselves and assist in their relationships with others.   

Traditional paper Books will always be a choice by many, but Audio Books have many advantages that traditional books do not. One of those advantages is using Audio Books in relationships or group settings. Audio Books can be listened to together. Audio Books also overcome several physical restrictions that many seniors have. If that physical restriction is hearing then Audio Books have many listening options that help with hearing issues. 

For more info about Virtual Book Clubs participation please contact: David@VirtualBookClubs.net or VirtualBookClubs.net@gmail.com


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Virtual Book Clubs